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At WholeWoof, it’s our mission to provide pet-owners with safe, eco-friendly products and apparel they can count on. To ensure all our customers are happy and healthy-furry or not-our selection includes fashion oriented non toxic toys, cute and comfortable dog clothing, healthy treats and a whole lot more.

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You may think that all your pooch needs for a long, healthy life is some top-grade kibble, fresh water, and belly rubs—but it often takes a lot more than that. Hygiene maintenance, behavior training, and daily exercise are all top priorities you should focus on. At WholeWoof, we have all of the tiny puppy accessories and tools you’ll need for the job ahead of you.

Our Top Sellers

Our pet supplies are made to make your training and walking duties a breeze. Each one has been designed with you and your pup in mind. Some of our top sellers include:

  • Walkers
  • Tasty training tools
  • Doodie bag dispensers
  • Stylish leashes and dog collars (unique or matching)
  • Toothbrush + toothpaste combos
  • Water bottles

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